cheaper than therapy is a leading...

cover band in DC, playing local bars and clubs, festivals on Pennsylvania Avenue and H Street as well as events at large venues such as the Black Cat, the Howard Theatre and the Reagan Building.

Using their diverse musical experience and style, the band members make cover rock and blues songs their own by giving them the "therapy treatment." Cheaper Than Therapy brings its performance savvy and energy to every stage as they create their own interpretations of cover songs and mix up unusual bedfellows such as The Kinks and Tina Turner, or Amy Winehouse and Pink. Classic rock tunes from Bowie to the Rolling Stones get the full-funk treatment, creating fresh, lively interpretations of these popular rockers.

What the musicians feel has been so special about Cheaper Than Therapy – and perhaps where the genesis of the name comes from – is the new found energy and excitement it has brought them. Most of CTT’s musicians had relegated themselves to playing solo, or putting their instruments down over the years. Some members were still playing out, but sporadically.  “You take a bunch of professionals in need of some stress relief and put their talents to good use banging out Elvis Costello, Pink, Talking Heads and Simple Minds, and you’ve got a lot of latent talent just waiting to bust loose,” says CTT’s guitarist, David Boris.