Chef cisero

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meshach cisero a.k.a. chef cisero...

is originally from Springfield, Massachusetts. He attended school at George Washington University, located in the heart of the nations capitol, and has remained here ever since to take his culinary passion and vision to the next level. Chef Cisero has an eye for the meticulous which he has honed in on at his day job as a data consultant- he has created a synergy between his corporate career and his love for culinary arts that is highlighted by the meticulous detail he uses to craft each of his dishes.  

In the past 3 years Chef Cisero has taken his culinary vision from periodical food blogging to becoming one of the most popular privately owned full scale catering business in Washington DC. He has cooked at restaurants in Guatemala, Morocco, Thailand, and was even recently a featured Chef on a segment of Good Morning America that was highlighted by celebrity guest judge Chef Gordon Ramsey. Chef Cisero specializes in fusion style menus which is his way of exemplifying his love for traveling and experiencing various cultures.