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11:00am Matt Finarelli

Basic Knife Skills: Learn how to hold, care for, and be safe with a knife in the kitchen, and then through a demo of how to cut an onion (the one thing everyone most wants to learn how to cut properly), learn perfect knife technique which will make you faster, safer and more efficient in your culinary prep!

11:45am Matt Finarelli

Four Cheese Mac 'n Cheese: Maybe you think you know how to make Mac n Cheese, but did you know that learning how to do it right is also a lesson in Classic French Sauce making? Learn how the worlds of high cuisine and basic comfort food collide to give you the skills to be a home cooking champion!

12:30pm Mixology Demo: Hendrick's Gin x Modern Bar Cart

Join Eric at Taste of DC this weekend! DC-based cocktail company Modern Bar Cart joins forces with Hendrick's Gin to help you take your cocktail game to the next level. Learn how to make a classic Vesper and explore a new spin on the ever-popular Negroni.

1:15pm Chef Cisero Concepts

Cajun Shrimp and Grits: Chef Cisero will be preparing one of his signature items, a Cajun Shrimp and Grits, using one of our premier spice blends from our upcoming spice line which is called "The Naked Spice Collection." 

2:00pm Matt Finarelli

Crab Cakes: When making crab cakes, I see people will often describe them as having "no filler." This means you're either lying, or you don't know how to make crab cakes. Learn how it's done right with Chef Matt's Tarragon-Roasted crab cakes - with an Old Bay Aioli as well!

2:45pm Matt Finarelli

Risotto: Too many people think that this dish is one that means you're going to be standing around, stirring the pot for 30-40 minutes, so there's no way they can do it for company. Watch as Chef Matt demos his specialty - risotto - and shows you how to make it while stirring the pot a mere 3 or 4 times! Now you can wow your guests with a pot of risotto, and still be sociable with them while you do it!

3:15pm Break

4:00pm Southwest Snackdown

1. Travis Weiss of Rebellion

2. Mario Monte of Colada Shop

Later Event: October 8