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11:15am Matt Finarelli

Maple Bourbon Sweet Potatoes: Thanksgiving is coming, and while I don't know how you made sweet potatoes in the past, once you try these, I know how you'll always make them in the future! Come learn some skills of vegetable roasting, and check off one dish on your thanksgiving table!

12:00pm Chef Terence Tomlin

12:45pm Chef Cisero

Cajun Shrimp and Grits: Chef Cisero will be preparing one of his signature items, a Cajun Shrimp and Grits, using one of our premier spice blends from our upcoming spice line which is called "The Naked Spice Collection." 

1:30pm PK's Kitchen (Paul Kennedy)

Namtok Nuer: North East Thai style salad- Pan seared beef tenderloin, red onions, spring onions, cilantro & mint, dry roasted jasmine rice powder, Thai chili flakes with sweet tamarind dressing

2:15pm PK's Kitchen (Paul Kennedy)

Pan-seared Salmon: Pan seared fillet of salmon with wild mushroom, parmesan & mascarpone cheese risotto

3:00pm PK's Kitchen (Paul Kennedy)

Pan-seared Scallops: Pan seared scallops, minted pea puree, pancetta bacon & shallots with red wine reduction

3:45pm Matt Finarelli

Panettone Mango Trifle: Chef Matt's dessert putting a tropical and Italian twist on the classic English dessert! Using his own homemade limoncello (which he'll tell you how to make as well) and fresh panettone, he'll whip up some wonderful lemon-mango trifles, and show you some awesome secret ingredients to help take this dish to the next level!

4:30pm Matt Finarelli

Knife Skills: Learn how to hold, care for, and be safe with a knife in the kitchen, and then through a demo of how to cut an onion (the one thing everyone most wants to learn how to cut properly), learn perfect knife technique which will make you faster, safer and more efficient in your culinary prep!

Earlier Event: October 7