Eric Kozlik

Eric Headshot Square.jpg

eric kozlik is the co-founder and ceo...

of Modern Bar Cart, a cocktail brand that produces Embitterment Bitters and SLY Syrups & Garnishes. After earning his MFA in Poetry from the University of Maryland, he decided to pursue a career in flavor, combining forces with friends Ethan Hall and Russell Garing to launch a line of cocktail bitters in 2014.

    Today, the company's goal is to furnish an entire shelf of cocktail mixers and tools, supplemented by the Modern Bar Cart podcast, a weekly radio show where Eric discusses cocktails with leading mixology professionals and home bartenders. His favorite spirit is gin, his favorite liqueur is Green Chartreuse, and his favorite cocktail is the Last Word.

    Join Eric at Taste of DC this weekend! DC-based cocktail company Modern Bar Cart joins forces with Hendrick's Gin to help you take your cocktail game to the next level. Learn how to make a classic Vesper and explore a new spin on the ever-popular Negroni.