Taste of DC 2018 Refund Policy

Our goal at Taste of DC, LLC is to make your purchasing simple, fast and fair.

The following purchase policies are designed to ensure your satisfaction and understanding of the purchase process for events produced by Taste of DC, LLC (“Event”). The Event will offer participants the opportunity to enjoy food and beverages provided by several of DC’s favorite restaurants. By purchasing tickets, you agree to be bound by the terms of this policy. Each ticket that you purchase is a revocable license and is subject to these terms.

The tickets are NONREFUNDABLE unless the Event is cancelled in it its entirety. You bear all risks of inclement weather. In the event the Event is cancelled in its entirety, you will receive an automatic refund for the purchase price of the tickets purchased online. If you purchased your tickets at a retail location or via another method refunds must be requested, please return them to the same location for a refund. Delivery and retail pickup fees will not be refunded. Notice of any cancellations will be posted on the Event website. Tickets are not redeemable for cash. Unused tickets will not refunded.